Fabric Inspection machines / (Quality Check Table)

Fabric Inspection machines / (Quality Check Table)

We offer fabric inspection machines which are used as a testing machine to detect the defects in a fabric. 
These are equipped with drive operated AC motor thus ensuring saving of power. 
Machines are equipped with all necessary features like tension-less handling, accurate length measuring, appropriate illumination, Straight roll selvage, auto cutting etc. 


  • Efficient inspection of medium & heavy quality fabric.
  • Efficient inspection through top & bottom illumination.
  • Edge control for increasing productivity of spreading machines
  • Tension less movement of fabric on inspection table.
  • Full forward & reverse run of fabric. Speed variable from 0 – 60 mtrs/ min.
  • Compact & crease free rolling on winding tubes.
  • Max. Roll dia. Up to 1000 mm.
  • Machine with any input & output of Roll/ Pile/ Big /Lap Batch can be manufactured.
  • Camera based Fabric width and length measurement Automatic, Usable Width calculation, No license charge,
  • Generation of minimum width, 95% width and optimum area values for better fabric utilization.
  • Continuous Fabric color variation measurement and storage for detecting color shades within the fabric along the width.
  • The software with minimum operator interaction and customized report generation makes sure of smooth operation. The system can be    accessed through network and the management  can use its summary reports for cutting optimization and cost analysis. 
  • Straight & uniform roll winding through efficient selvage guider.
  • Operator friendly, improves productivity, reduces labour.
  • The system costs much less than its competitive systems while offering far more features and local after-sales 24×7 support.

    Project Data
    Project Name :            Custom made Fabric Length/Width Measuring, Inspection Machine          
    Description    :            Lap Form to Lap/Roll Form
    Year         :                  2015
    Developer    :              Apyllion Fabrics Ltd. Bangladesh

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