Gantry Cranes

The crane frame is supported on a gantry system with equalized beams and wheels that run on the gantry rail.

Advantages of Gantry Cranes are:

  • Can be used where overhead runways are not practical.
  • A much greater bridge weight than an equivalent overhead crane.

Gantry Cranes are generally used for moving heavy loads, often outdoors. Designed and built many large gantries with features such as rotating hoists, multiple hoists and enclosed cabs.

Gantry Cranes – Typical Configurations

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Double/Single Girder Gantry Crane

MH model single girder        LD model with one side overhang part    MH model without overhang part
MH model single girder               MG model double girder               MGH model double girder 
Please kindly inform the following informations when you email us:
  • Requirement
  • Lift Capacity
  • Lift Speed
  • Lift Size
  • Span Size (Warehouse width)
  • Local power supply 
  • Crane travel length (Warehouse length)
  • What materials it will lifting and transporting?
  • Is there other special requirement? 

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