Puzzle Parking System – PSH (-1+2 Layers)

Operation Principle

 This type of parking system is designed with 3 levels of top, middle and bottom. Two levels are on and above the ground , the bottom level is underground. There is an exchange space in the middle level .The spaces in top and bottom levels may lift up and down automatically and the space in the middle level can slide left and right .Spaces in the middle level are the same line with ground for cars going in and out freely. When we need to park or get a car in the top or bottom levels, the space in the middle level over or under this space will slide to the exchange space to form a lifting passage. This space will be operated down to the ground for parking and retrieving


  • Save land area and take full use of the underground space to raise more parking numbers.
  • It has advantages of steady operation, low noise ,fast operative
  • speed and short time of parking.
  • Fast maintenance and simple malfunctions solution with PLC logic circuit.
  • Multi-channel safety protection and series of safety protection.


Main Specification

  • Elevating motor :2.2KW
  • Horizontal-moving motor :0.2kw
  • Elevating speed : 7m/min
  • Horizontal-moving speed : 8m/min
  • Noise : 60Db(A)
  • Max. collection time; 90s
  • Hoist or lower the drive way :roller chain, steel wire rope (optional).
  • Control way : PLC.
  • Operational type : touch screen +IC card (optional)
  • Power: 3N,AC,380V, 50HZ.
  • P.S. : quantity of pallets ,height of pallet and suited cars can be designed and produced as customer’s need.

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