Our Services
Industrial automation and machine modification
We undertake all kinds of industrial automation and machine modification tasks. Industrial Control Panel design
Design of PLC / DCS based control panel design, PLC programming and HMI interfacing. All kinds of custom made machineries design
We take care of all your customized needs for new machineries including heavy machineries, servo based positioning and advanced motor controlling systems. 3D Drawings with Strength analysis and Machine design consultancy
Equipped with a team of highly educated and well experienced engineers, we take care of all your 3D drawing designs, strength analysis, machine designs, and mechanical consultancy.System Software development
Industrial software development and vision systems design for all the machine interfacing, HMI and measurement system design. Vision based automation
We are leading in Vision based automation for your fault detection, online measurements and quality control needs where no other sensor system would match.Power electronic solutions
Custom made power electronic devices development including intelligent battery chargers, welding power supplies, Motor Controllers, AC/DC power supplies and voltage inverters. Customized electronic units and LED display designs
All kinds of embedded systems, custom made electronic devices and large LED display boards design.

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