Dual Post Parking System

Designed for single/two cars for small parking areas. The offered systems are applicable in residential complexes and commercial zones and they help in saving space in highly crowded parking lots. These are easy to install, comfortable to operate and are capable of bearing heavy loads owing to their sturdy built.


  • Can be used in household or office building parking lot
  • Dual-cylinder lifting system
  • more stable and reliable
  • Cable-equalization system
  • Low post,
  • chain-driven system
  • faster lifting and lowering speed
  • Single e-lock release system, safe and reliable
  • Wear-resistant
  • heat-resistant
  • high strength Macro-molecular polyethylene slide block
  • Optional wave plate or diamond plate

Main Specification

  • Lifting capacity : 2700kgs
  • Lifting height : 2134mm
  • Drive through : 2120mm

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