Frequency inverters VSD

Frequency Invertors VSD

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    Technical Specifications:                       

  • Power range: MINI-S series: 0.4kw-1.5kw/220v
  • Output Frequency 0HZ~400HZ
  • Control mode: V/F control, SVC vector control
  • Torque: feature: 150% rated torque output at 1HZ
  • Overload capacity: 150% 1 minute, 180% 1 second, 200% instant Protection
  • Protection function: over current protection, over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, overheats protection, overload protection, etc.
  • Basic interface: forward and reverse command, 6 programmable switch input; 2 analog signal input; 1 analog signal output; 3 programmable open collector output; 1
  • programmable relay output
  • Customized function; D16; impluse signal input port, DO3; High-speed optical coupling output port
  • Communication interface: standard RS-485 hardware interface



  • Advanced vector control algorithm, high starting torque at low frequency, can reach 180% rated torque at 0.5HZ
  • Can provide impulse input/output function, convenient for the digital closed loop control
  • Built-in automatic torque compensation function, turn difference compensation function
  • Rich protection function and parameter monitoring function, realizing the online adjustment of various parameters
  • Zero frequency operation threshold and zero frequency return difference, avoid the analog signal zero drift disturbance effectively
  • Can realize the online switch of frequency given channels
  • Rich programmable input/output terminals, meet various control requirements
  • Adapter motor can reach 630kw for the three phase 380 volt frequency inverter, and132kw for the three phase 220 volt frequency inverter (need to be customized)
  • Communication synchronization fine-tuning, dual analog output, LCD keyboard copy, etc, rich humanized non standard function can meet more special equipment in some special requirements
  • Application Profession

Plastic machine, Ceramics machines, Electric machinery, textile machinery, Dyeing equipment, light industrial machinery, medicine machinery, packaging and printing machinery, paper manufacture line, chemical fiber production, Wires and cables machinery, processing machine, bag machine, cold rolling machine, low frequency channel, mining machinery, centrifuge, etc

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