Overhead Cranes

Often it is in a long factory building and runs along rails along the building’s two long walls and consist of either a single beam or a double beam construction.

These advantages are:

  • Low dead weight and more headroom by using a low headroom monorail hoist. 
  • Lower production cost, and therefore lower price 

Our Specialty and Process Cranes Support:

    • Hot Metal and Foundries
    • Paper Mills
    • Roll Handling
    • Billet Handling
    • Waste-to-Energy
    • Coke Handling
    • Rail Mounted Gantry 
    • Rotating Boom and 
    • Stacker PowerMast Cranes
    • Automated Crane Systems
    • Powerhouse Cranes

Double/Single Girder Type
(Capacity: 3-600tons)

LD model single girder                        QDE Model Double Girder               LDC Model Low Head room Single Girder
LB Single Girder Explosion proof     Single girder suspension EOT          QD model double girder 

LH model double girder                          LD model single girder

Please kindly inform the following informations when you email us:  info@hitechsl.com
  • Requirement
  • Lift Capacity
  • Lift Speed
  • Lift Size
  • Span Size (Warehouse width)
  • Local power supply 
  • Crane travel length (Warehouse length)
  • What materials it will lifting and transporting?
  • Is there other special requirement? 
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