Pit Lifting Parking System – TLS (-1+1) (Parking Tower System)

Operation Principle

Tower systems provide up to 15 parking levels with between 1 and 6 parking spaces per level, and a vehicle capacity of up to 50 cars per system. From
standard cars to larger SUVs, the Master Vario R2 is the premium solution for fast access where there is limited floor space available. Once parked in the transfer
cabin, the Master Vario R2 recognizes the height, and transfers vehicles via lift to a suitable parking space for convenient storage. An optional turning unit inside
the transfer cabin can also allow comfortable forward parking and exit for users. In addition to standard car dimensions and weights, customized solutions are
possible upon request.

Main Specification 

  • Fully Automated system for the parking of vehicles on multiple levels
  • Minimum arrangement of parking spaces: one-row, two-row, or three-row
  • system / right and/or left next to the elevator (1-6 vehicles per level)
  • System variants: over-ground, underground or a combination of both
  • Vertical levels: up to 15 parking levels
  • Horizontal levels: 1-6 parking spaces per levels
  • Number of vehicles: maximum 50 per system
  • Transfer cabin: flush with the ground or on upper level
  • Elevator: vertical transport of the vehicles to the desired parking level, and then
  • transferring vehicles to a suitable space
  • Turning unit so vehicles can enter/exit forward: optional
  • Vehicle dimensions, standard: length: 520 cm, width: 215 cm (other dimensions are also possible). Different heights can be selected for different levels as required
    Vehicle weight, standard: 2500 kg, with higher loads upon request
  • Operation: access control via transponder, remote control


User Benefits

  •  Fast access times to retrieve vehicles
  • Safety of user vehicles while parking in the system
  •  Avoidance of theft and damage
  •  Comfort and access – vehicles are retrieved in a fully-lit area

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