Production Monitoring Data System & Data Handling

The real time production line data processing system is cost effective approach to automatic data capture in real time. The system uses automated, simple and very reliable method to collect and insert data, while allowing the line operators to supplement the production information and also view the requested information.

Master PC that is used to input data and send them to operators

View sent data from master pc and enter production data and send them to other operators or to master PC

Immediate benefits

  • Eliminate manual line production data recording and transferring
  • Real time data transfer between machine operator to production manager and also between machine operators
  • Historical data available for reporting and equipment performance analysis
  • Performance measurements promotes competition on a level playing field
  • Pinpoint problems of products, human resource management and equipment in the production line

In addition

  • Require little operator training
  • Flexible in configuring workstations and product specifications
  • Simple and reliable interface for operators
  • ┬áRobust data transmission between master pc and HMIs (HMI human machine interface)

The above system can be highly customized according to client requirements and after sale service will be provided based on service agreement.

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