Servo Motors

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F-H10AT2 /80 SD 03530 E(S)
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Technical Specifications:
    • Power range: Single phase 220v(-15%~+10%) Voltage level:       0.4kw~1kw

Three phase 220v(-15%~+10%) Voltage level: 1kw~3kw

    • Control mode: IPM; PWM Sine wave drive
    • Speed control range: 1:5000
    • Speed frequency response: 400Hz
    • Overload ability: 300% Overload 5seconds
    • Encoder signal points frequency output; Points frequency set 16~10000(pulse/rev),Pulse output A phase, B Phase, Z Phase
    • Protection function: Over speed protection, The power supply voltage over-voltage protection, Over-current protection,fOverload protection, Brake abnormal tip, Encoder abnormal hints, Control power abnormal, Positionffauto ftolerance alarm
    • Position control way : Input pulse form: between “Direction+pulse”,”CW/CCW pulse”,”AB phase orthogonal pulse”chose one you like. Input fulse frequency: Differential drive the biggest 1MHz, The biggest open collector 200KHz
    • Speed control way: analog input voltage: Input voltage: DC+10V(Is instruction motor are turning), Input impedance about 7K, Circuit time parameters 45us

fMulti-stage velocity instructions: Use DI1/ DI2/ DI3/ DI4 Signal combination realize~15 Period of speed selection (Can set up other terminal for this function)

Product Advantage:

  • Support RS485 communication
  • Enhance vibration suppression function, improve the system with following
  • With ascension response speed servo standard configuration function
  • Overload ability: torque can amount to three times rated load
  • Support the position control and speed control two control switch use each other
  • Come true the input function module intelligent, can choose according to need corresponding function
  • Pulse output can be arbitrary points frequency, pulse frequency stability and separate frequency pulse several accurate
  • Wide speed range: The stable operation of the highest speed as 5000r/min, The minimum speed as 0.1r/min
  • Variety of monitoring the output state: as many as 22 kinds of output state of detection, observe the speed, current servo operation, torque, the input signal such status
  • Complying with CE, UL standard

Application Profession

Numerical control machine tool: Numerical control lathe / CNC milling machine / Spring machine / Edm machine / Line cutting machine / The flying shear equipment, Electronic equipment: WInding machine: Strip line machine / Lithium battery production equipment / Glue machine / Ceramic Equipment / PCB Board drlling and milling machine, Packaging machinery: Filling machine / Length setting cutting machine / Die cutting machine / Paper cutter / paper towel machinery, etc. textile machinery: Horizontal machine / Sox machine / Round edge machine / Embroidery machine / Spinning machine / Knitting machine, Plastic machinery: Injection molding machine / Blow molding machine / Extrusion machine, etc

Table of Driver Code and Motor Model
Main power modules of EVTA servo driver have different rated currents (20A, 30A and 50A) of the same appearance but in completely different control modes. Therefore, if one model of motor matches with servo
drivers of different main power modules, the corresponding driver model codes are different.

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