Temperature Controllers/ Counters

Model No. RC-4 
Temperature Data Logger
7,125.98 LKR
Model No. HOBO UX120
4-Channel Analog Data Logger
68,780.00 LKR
Model No. USB 32000
IP67 Temperature
Data Logger
7,850.00 LKR
Model No. EL-USB-2-LCD
Temperature & Humidity USB Data Logger
18,700.00 LKR


Model No. 5868
Sound Level Meter
17,350.20 LKR
Model No. SL-814
Sound Level Meter
7,125.98 LKR
Model No. MS6708
Pressure Noise Measurement Tester
18,280.00 LKR
Model No. 30-130dB I1JS
Noise Decibel Monitoring Tester
6,850.00 LKR


Model No. WH-8040
Temperature Controller
12,000.00 LKR
Model No. THC-0302
Humidity Controller
16,000.00 LKR
HELP_FILE: see datasheet
Linear Actuator
22,275.00 LKR
Thermocouple K Type – 5m 2,500.00 LKR


Model No. E6C2-CWZ6C
Encoder – omron 600P/R
10,611.00 LKR
Model No. E6C2-CWZ6C
Encoder – omron 300P/R
15,399.00 LKR
Model No. E6C2-CWZ6C
Encoder – 
omron 100P/R
10,713.00 LKR
Active Repeter Cable USB
6,078.04 LKR

Wired Magnetic Reed Sensors – (Made in Japan)

Model No. SMC D-Z73

1,000.00 LKR/ per unit
Model No. SMC D-A93

1,000.00 LKRper unit
Model No. SMC D-A54

1,000.00 LKRper unit
Model No. SMC D-C73

1,000.00 LKRper unit

 LED Industrial Signal Tower Lights 

Signal Tower Light
AC/DC 24V, Red, Green
4500.00 LKR

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