Why Choose Us?

Advantages of Hitech Parking Systems

No more hunting for parking spaces 

  • Space-saving accommodation of vehicles 
  • Reserved greenery areas, playgrounds, etc. 
  • Comfortable and secure parking and access to parking spaces 
  • Solutions for almost all parking situations 
  • Top-quality products with exceptional service life and intrinsic value 
  • Low operating and maintenance costs 
  • 24 hours customer care


  • Free entrance & exit for driver
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Single electrical or manual lock release system
  • Pass 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test
  • Solenoid value has the emergency manual lock release function
  • safe and Reliable
  • 2.2Kw Motor
  • Rise / Drop Time 60/55s
  • Faster Lifting and Lowering speed
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Italian oil seal to make sure no oil leakage

Optional Features

  • Ultra Rays Alarm Device, in case of Unguarded Entrance
  • 24V Control Box & Solenoid Valve
  • Wave Plate or Diamond Plate
  • Manual Jack
  • Galvanized Structure
  • Our Parking Products
  • Single / Dual Car Lift for small parking area
  • Semi Automatic Systems
  • Fully Automatic Systems

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