Fabric Item Size Measuring System

This is an R & D project done at hitech solutions. The main goal of this system is to measure the actual sizes of the user defined areas in a given fabric items like T- shirts, Denims, trousers etc. It will be a huge time and money waste for the textile company if all the fabric items are measured by hand. In this system during the training session for each fabric design user can mark the areas of the fabric item that is the actual measurements are needed. For example following areas in the given fabric can be marked in training time and measured using this system in a real time.



In run time the fabric items from that design will be inserted to this system and this system will measure the areas of each inserted fabric defined by user before. If the measured dimensions are not matched with the dimensions given in the training session the inserted fabric will be marked as a defected fabric. Advantages of this system can be summarized as follows:
Reduce cost and time of human inspection
Can get a report for each tested fabric item that includes details    about defects detected
User friendly operation
Can be used with any garment type. Have to train once for new  design and run continuously.
Get the dimensions with high accuracy

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