Width and Length Measuring System

In textile industry it is needed to measure fabric roll length and width before passing them to production. Using our software both fabric width and length can be measured while the fabric roll is in relaxing process.  The width of the fabric roll will be measured using a vision based system and length of the fabric will be measured using a rotary encoder.  After the measuring both width and length user can get reports that contains the details of relaxed fabric roll.


Main GUI of the System

  • Advantages of using our system will be as follows
  • Can be used with relaxing and inspection machines
  • Automatically calculate the width and length of fabric rolls with high accuracy
  • Parameters of the report can be customized
  • Operator friendly system
  • No license renewable fee , cheaper than the existing software in market
  • High accuracy in width and length measurements
  • Can easily get previous fabric roll data
  • 24*7 after sale service
  •  Ability of accessing its database even the database is located in server. So the fabric roll data stored in the database is secured even in a PC malfunction
  • “]Currently our software is installed and running successfully in largest textile companies in Sri Lanka such as MAS, Brandix and Haylese. To get more details please refer the following document.

HELP_FILE: “vision based broucher.pdf”


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